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Alright guys,

First, I might as well just go out and say it for those of you too lazy to read. This BOV is absolutely fantastic, probably the best on the market for the evo. For those of you who aren’t lazy, here’s the rest of the review…

“Zomg you buyed a knock off BOV WTF BRO?!?!”

Well, technically, it sort of is, and this fact is the only thing I don’t like about this valve. When someone looks under your hood and asks, “what is that, a knock-off greddy?” you can’t exactly say no. Yes this has already happened to me and it’s somewhat embarrassing… But this aint no shitty valve from ebay. This thing is good.

NGR Performance showed up in 2008. Their goal was to make a BOV that made the same noise as the old Greddy Type-S, but also had stronger internals. Yes, I said stronger internals. The Greddy Type-S was plagued with problems. It had a weak diaphragm that would rip and tear easily, a problem even the current RS suffers from. This causes leaks and compressor surge, many people also reported leaking from the adjustment screw area. The rest of the design, however, was very good. It’s one of the only BOV’s with an optional boost reference port underneath the diaphragm… This helps response if you decide to use it (our stock BOV has a built in boost reference under the diaphragm BTW). It came with two springs, a light one and a hard one. You could use them together or separately, and then you can tighten or loosen the spring tension… Very tunable. And of course there was the sound it made. It’s not for everybody, but I love it myself, that “PsheeEeEe” puts a smile on my face every time.

So, this BOV was made to take all that was good about the Greddy Type-S, and keep them. It was also made to take what was bad about the Greddy Type-S, and fix it. They did a great job.

This thing is very responsive, off throttle surge is almost non-existent, and on throttle compressor surge does not happen anywhere, at all. I’ve had this on for almost two weeks now and I, no matter how hard I try, can not make it surge or “flutter” or buck. Not on the freeway or going uphill (or going uphill on the freeway). It handles part throttle situations just like the stocker, no matter what gear, I can hold it at part throttle, push it in and out etc, wont surge, wont buck, wont flutter.. It’ll either hold shut or open up slightly, just like the stocker. A lot of the time it even works better than the stock one. For example, if I built up a small amount of boost under 3,000 RPM’s, the stock one wouldn’t open, you’d just hear “chchchchc” from the turbo, this one opens without trouble. I don’t think this next thing is very common, but my stock BOV would open up on the freeway and get stuck… That’s the real reason I needed to go aftermarket. The NGR performance doesn’t do that, obviously.

Now I’ll explain how I adjusted it. It comes out of the box in the softest setting with both springs installed, it drove pretty well this way, but the sound wasn’t right and off throttle surge was too common. I took the cap off and removed the smaller (inner) spring. I ended up tightening it almost all the way down before I got the right setting. I chose not to use the lower boost reference port.

I think that’s about it for the written portion, here’s some pictures and videos:

Well that’s that I guess. This is a great part and I highly recommend it. Whether you’re looking for some noise without the common side effects, you need to hold more boost than the stocker can handle, or maybe your current BOV just sucks… This is a perfect solution.

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