What Does the Blow-Off Valve Do?

What Does the Blow Off Valves Do? | NGR Performance

The blow-off valve, or BOV, is a crucial component in turbocharged engines. Its main function is to relieve excess pressure that builds up in the intake system during sudden deceleration or throttle closure.

When a turbocharger or supercharger compresses air and forces it into the engine, it creates a significant amount of pressure in the intake manifold. This compressed air is essential for producing more power, but when the throttle is suddenly closed, such as during gear changes or lifting off the accelerator pedal, the pressurized air has nowhere to go. This can lead to a phenomenon called compressor surge or turbo flutter.

Compressor surge occurs when the pressurized air, with nowhere to go, tries to reverse its direction and flow back through the turbocharger. This puts excessive stress on the compressor wheel and can cause damage to the turbocharger, resulting in decreased performance and potentially even failure.

Here's where the blow-off valve (BOV) comes into play. It is installed between the turbocharger or supercharger outlet and the throttle body or intake manifold. When the throttle is closed, the blow-off valve quickly opens to release the pressurized air, allowing it to vent to the atmosphere or recirculate back into the intake system before the turbocharger. By venting the excess pressure, the blow-off valve prevents compressor surge and protects the turbocharger from potential damage.

In addition to its functional purpose, blow-off valves (BOV) also produce a distinctive sound often associated with turbocharged or supercharged vehicles. This sound, commonly referred to as a "blow-off" or "turbo" sound, is a result of the pressurized air being rapidly released when the blow-off valve opens.

NGR Performance manufactures Blow off Valves, such as the Type-S BOV. These bypass valves are designed for street use as well as racing use. NGR Performance manufactures best blow off valves with 6061 Billet Aluminum. The NGR Type-S Blow off Valve is the BOV known for its unique whistle sound, the sound of metal slicing metal, that everyone loved from the Fast and Furious movie. The diaphragms are pressure tested to 100psi.

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