What Does a Boost Controller Do?

What Does a Boost Controller Do?

 Boost Controllers are devices that allow you to control BOOST and unlock its full potential. This guide will take you through an introduction to boost controllers—the way they are fitted and their importance.

What are Turbochargers?

To understand why boost controllers are important, you have to know what turbochargers are. A turbo uses the exhaust gases to spin a fan, and the blower is used to blow more air into the engine and hence create some power boost. But there is a delay, referred to as turbo lag before you get that additional power. Boost controllers help manage this by controlling how much boost should be fed into the engine. This helps to eliminate lag and hence improve performance.


What Are Boost Controllers?

Boost Controllers control the boost pressure that drives the engine. These are available in two varieties: manual and electronic. Manual boost controllers will allow you to change the levels of pressure yourself by relieving pressure on the part that controls the speed of the turbocharger. Electronic boost controllers have electronic parts with sharper control and may be modified to fit different driving conditions so that your car performs better under various conditions.

The use of a manual boost controller is simple and inexpensive to provide more power output from an engine. You install it by connecting it to wastegate and turbo boost sources then turn the knob to set how much boost you want. You will notice a clear increase in your engine's power.

The electronic boost controller requires more of an advanced set up to properly function. Since it is difficult to fit and you have to connect it to the electric system of your car, a range of options are given in setting different boosts for different gears and getting a boost when needed. Its installation can take much time and requires tuning, but it is also another effective way of managing boost levels.

What to look for while selecting a boost controller

The right boost controller depends on what you need. If you are seeking an inexpensive option that you have control over and want to set and forget it, then a manual one will do. But if you are ready to go through a tricky installation method and want more variable selections of boost control, go for an electronic one. Make sure whichever choice you elect, to properly tune the vehicle for the boost you plan on raising and your setup can support the higher boost levels.

Installation and Setup:

To install the boost controller in your turbocharged vehicle, you must go through the instruction guide provided by the manufacturer. As mentioned above, manual boost controllers are easier and simpler to install as they require an in-line connection with the wastegate actuator and turbo. Electronic boost controllers require a connection to the electrical system of the vehicle. It also requires calibration for the best result. Calibration is the process of setting boost pressure at the most favorable range to provide maximum power results and resonate with all driving conditions.

Tips for adjusting Boost Controllers:

If you would want to tune the boost controller, tune it in a step-by-step fashion, from the low boost levels. This would help by going a long way in avoiding the ultimate damage to your engine due to the rapid change in the amount of boost pressure. Before you decide to change your boost pressure to a new level, it is advisable to seek professional help and understand what your engine can take.

Common issues:

There are general problems that one is likely to face in installation with boost controllers and these include over-boosting or boost creep. You want to make sure there are no vacuum leaks in your setup by performing a boost leak test otherwise these can impact the performance of a boost controller. Also take into account the boost controller is limited to what the wastegate spring rating you have. For instance if you have a 8psi spring, you are able to raise boost with the boost controller up to 16psi.  


Boost controllers are a great beginner mod and one of the modifications required to start increasing horsepower allowing turbocharged vehicles to work at their full capacity. The installation, calibration, and tuning of them will be easy and ensure high-class results when you have either the electrical or manual boost controllers. Plan through this guide and enjoy the full benefits of your turbocharg

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